Essential Tips for Buying Replacement Chair Covers

Over time, the upholstery on your sofa gets dirty and wears out even with proper maintenance. Therefore, only high-quality seat covers can delay the process. Notably, some retailers sell their furniture with slipcovers, but they are often generic. Consequently, you should invest in replacement covers if your current slipcovers are dirty or worn-out. This article highlights essential tips for choosing replacement chair covers.

Elastic Covers 

Replacement sofa covers can be secured with elastics or zippers. Notably, most homeowners make a choice based on preference. However, the elastic type is recommended for various reasons. For instance, slipping zipped sofa covers over a couch requires a more careful approach than elastic covers. The reason is that zipped covers can easily pinch and damage your sofa's fabric. In contrast, elastic covers ensure a snug fit, but you must buy the correct size. For example, an oversize elastic cover looks saggy, whereas a smaller one deforms cushions and keep slipping off a couch. 

Light Fabric 

Just because a piece of fabric has beautiful patterns and matches your interior decor does not mean it is the right choice for chair covers. The reason is that various materials have varying weights; hence, your choice determines comfort levels. For instance, covers made of heavy fabrics are not appropriate since they do not adapt to a couch's form. Besides, if your sofa has ripping patterns, heavy fabric covers will not highlight the decorations. On the other hand, light, durable fabrics are ideal for seat covers since they easily conform to a sofa's shape. Additionally, lightweight fabric covers accentuate your chair's design while protecting it at the same time.

Versatile Design 

Today, product developers increasingly create versatile commodities that allow users to achieve more functionality. Conventional seat covers are designed to protect sofa upholstery from dirt and wear. However, couch covers can offer much more. For example, when you sit on a couch to watch TV, you first look for a remote control. Unfortunately, a remote control can be found everywhere and anywhere in most households, which can be frustrating. It is mainly the case if you have kids or pets in your home. Fortunately, some stores sell chair covers with pockets on the sides. The pockets act as storage units for remote controls, magazines, chargers and snacks, among other items. Therefore, a versatile chair cover enhances the quality of living since it meets the wants of modern-day living.