How To Decide What Material Your Quilts Should Be

Quilts are one of the most essential parts of any bedding, and it is important that you get some that are catered to your personal comforts. After all, there are a lot of different types of quilts and materials used in quilts, and each has its own benefits and negatives. Before you go out and choose just any old quilt, there are a few things you need to bear in mind with regards to these pros and cons so that you make the best possible choice. Here are three common quilts and a little description as to whether or not they will fit what you want.

Silk Quilts

Silk quilts are very different to everything else on the market, as they are quite thin but have a good amount of thermal conductivity as well as being quite breathable in summer. They are not as soft or as warm as some, but they have a huge advantage that makes them irreplaceable to some, namely that they are hypoallergenic. There are also quite a few claims that they are actually better for your skin and overall health, although no thorough scientific studies exist about this. Still, these quilts are very comfortable and a good all-rounder, while also being essential for those with allergies. 


Cotton quilts are perhaps the most well known, and they often look great due to their smaller profile. However, for those who are looking for a thick quilt that can withstand all the winter chills on its own, this is not for you. Cotton quilts are best for those who get hot easily or during summertime for those who wish to have a change of quilts depending on the seasons. They are very soft and great for those who don't have a lot to spend, but they are not as rugged or as insulated as some of the alternatives.


Polyester quilts are the modern equivalent to quilts made from luxury feathers that would be found in the aristocratic bedrooms of the last century (although they can still be found to this day, at a higher price). They are very fluffy and have a much higher thermal rating, so they retain heat to a high degree. If you love a more fluffy and warm bed and don't mind the added weight or feeling of extra material on top of you, then polyester is one of your best choices, unless you want to spend a couple thousand on a feather quilt.

Reach out to a local quilt store to learn more about quilts.