3 Essential Pieces Of Furniture To Create A Stunning French-Style Look In Your bedroom

Modern interior design is highly focused on minimalist principles, with sleek lines and modern shapes dominating the industry. Even if you like this style for your home's living areas, you may want to create a softer and more decorative look in your bedroom. A beautiful and timeless look for the bedroom is a classic yet modern French style. If this sounds like the perfect decor for your bedroom, then here are three essential pieces of furniture you'll need to include.

1. A regal and sumptuous bed head

The bed is the centrepiece for any bedroom and for a French-style inspired look, the bed will need to have the wow factor. A large, cushioned bed covered with a rich fabric is ideal for this purpose. It will look stunning and will also be incredibly comfortable.

Fabrics such as suede, velvet and brocade in dusty hues are an excellent choice. You can also opt for a classic French floral design on the fabric if you'd like to add some colour and contrast to the bedroom's design.

2. An ornate armoire

An armoire is a free-standing wardrobe and is a ubiquitous feature in classic French bedroom design. Their key features are ornate, carved timber and decorative metal handles. Even if your bedroom already has built-in storage, the armoire will provide extra space for bedding and clothing and will also add authenticity to the look you're trying to achieve.

If your budget will allow it, you can buy a genuine antique armoire. If you'd like to spend a little less, then most furniture manufacturers sell good quality reproductions that have the same charm and character as the antique products.

3. A Baroque-style dressing table

No French-style bedroom would be complete without a striking and decorative dressing table. Baroque style is also known as French Provincial and is easily identifiable by the use of intricately carved timber accents and elegantly curved legs.

Baroque-style dressing tables also have a single mirror or a set of three mirrors on the top surface. The mirrors are generally round and have a carved timber frame. These can be bought separately but many furniture manufacturers include them as a fixed element in the dressing table's design.

With these three furniture items, your bedroom will begin the transformation into a room straight out of a gorgeous French manor house. With the simple addition of some beautiful bedding, some opulent curtains and a sparkling replica chandelier, your bedroom will be the French-style haven you've been longing for.

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