Dull Teak | 3 Efforts To Reinstate The Golden Glory Of Your Old Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a popular outdoor choice for many homes because it is able to withstand the elements more resiliently than other materials. But ever so often, teak furniture turns grey and dull because the outer layer of oil present in teak starts to fade and oxidise after sunlight exposure. Some homeowners like this natural greying process. But if you're from the other school of thought and are keen to restore the golden glory of your teak furniture, follow these efforts.

Clean The Wood Thoroughly To Remove Dirt And Residue

Once you notice the rich honey shade of your teak furniture fading, spots of grey will start to emerge. Your first task is to clean the wood furniture thoroughly to ensure that you remove all the dirt and residue present on it. Avoid using regular commercial cleaners because they contain too many chemicals that may harm the natural oils present in teak wood. Instead, use a special teak cleaner from a home improvement store for this cleaning task. You will need a lint-free cloth and a sponge to give the furniture a thorough wipe down. This cleaning process removes dirt and moss from your teak furniture.

Decide Between Teak Oil And Teak Sealer Coats

Many people are confused about teak oil or teak sealer for wood. Both products are used to restore the golden colour of teak, but with some differences. Teak oil is either tung oil or linseed oil that gives your wood a gorgeous golden colour –– temporarily. After a little while, the wood will begin to fade more than before when the oil evaporates. Wood already contains natural oil, so teak oil may not be necessary for your wood. On the other hand, teak sealer offers UV protection and oxidation barriers, so your wood will remain gloriously golden for longer. Teak oil and sealer are available on the shelves of home improvement stores.

Allow For Proper Drying Time Between Coats

Water-based teak sealers tend to dry faster, which makes them more ideal for teak furniture. So, you'll probably want this option when you choose teak sealer. Always follow the drying time instructions provided between coats, but you can also expedite drying by choosing a warm, sunny day for the task. Don't use any artificial heaters to dry the wood because you could end up warping it. Depending on instructions, drying may take a few hours or overnight.

Follow these clever efforts in your goal to reinstate the golden glory of your teak furniture. For more information, contact a business such as The Teak Place.