The benefits of an electric recliner chair

An electric recliner chair can move into different sitting and reclining positions at the touch of a button. What are the advantages of using such a chair?

1. Pain relief

Firstly, an electric recliner chair will take the pressure off your joints. If you have been suffering from aches and pains, it is easy to move your chair into the most comfortable position that gives your joints a rest. For the same reason, it is also good if you are suffering from back pain—you can move into a position that relieves the pressure simply and quickly. This is a huge advantage over more traditional chairs which can actually make things worse by forcing you into a posture that is harmful to your back and your joints.

2. Mobility

Secondly, an electric recliner chair can be of great benefit to people with mobility problems. Moving from a sitting to a standing position (or vice versa) can be onerous for anyone, but people with mobility problems can find it particularly difficult. An electric recliner chair will gently ease you from one position to the next, and make it much easier to sit down and get up again.

3. Comfort

This is an advantage to everyone, whether they are fully mobile or not. An electric recliner chair is quite simply more comfortable than an ordinary chair. The ability to choose your own position and support without the need for cushions can be luxurious, and you will also be able to put your feet up on the footrest without using a separate footstool. You can even fully recline it and use it to lie down for a moment (or longer if you have had a hard day).

4. Independence

Finally, the fact that the chair is so easy to use means that people with limited mobility can keep their independence while using it. People who have trouble sitting down and standing up may need help from others, which can be inconvenient and annoying. As a reclining chair manoeuvres you gently into position at a speed completely under your control, you will be able to get in and out without anyone else's help. This is a huge boost to your independence and self-esteem.

An electric recliner chair can help people with mobility problems keep their independence, and offers greater comfort to everyone else. Just talk to your supplier to find out how else it can benefit you.